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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<xml time="1611310078">
    <Injury id="124576" player_id="AARON-ANTHONY-CONNOLLY" player_name="Aaron Connolly" player_country_id="IRL" sport_id="soccer" status="Live" injury="Strain injury" injury_id="115" start_date="2021-01-03" end_date="" expected_return="Doubtful" last_update="2021-01-21 22:59:26" timestamp="1611266366" date_created="2021-01-03 10:31:35" deleted="no">
        <Club id="IRELAND" name="Ireland" customid="5791"/>
        <Club id="BRIGHTON" name="Brighton" customid="10204"/>
        <Competition id="ENG_1" name="England 1" country_id="ENG" customid="47"/>

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