Our Suspension data gives you a complete overview of all suspended players in all the leagues we cover. We use primary sources such as the official football associations or official league organizations. We also keep track of the card accumulation to ensure that the availability of each player is always accurately updated. Our Suspension data includes the match where the player obtained the suspension, reason for suspension, days banned and a list of the matches the player will miss due to the suspension. We recommend clients that want to subscribe to our Suspension data to subscribe to our Injury data as well, in order to get complete team news coverage.

This product is very much suitable for football live score apps that want to attract users earlier on match day, for bookmakers and their odds compilers who need injury news to set the right odds, for fantasy providers as an extra service to their users, and last but not least for sports betting affiliates looking for automated pre-match data for their betting tips and great Google ranking.

  • Suspensions
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<xml time="1611310079">
    <Suspension id="27748" player_id="ALVARO-GONZALEZ-SOBERON" player_name="Alvaro Gonzalez Soberon" player_country_id="ESP" sport_id="soccer" competition_id="FRA_1" competition_country_id="FRA" season_id="2020/2021" charge_id="80" charge="Disciplinary points" days_banned="1" days_banned_left="0" start_date="2021-01-09" suspension_occurred="9550b51f0676d78e0d0cebce6a67f262" suspension_occurred_name="Dijon-Marseille" suspension_occurred_round="" club_id="MARSEILLE" club_name="Marseille" last_update="2021-01-22 10:34:05" status="Historical" timestamp="1611308045" date_created="2021-01-19 11:59:37" deleted="no">
        <Match id="cf085ce961f5c375b02268aff6b0e56c" name="Marseille-Lens" start_date="2021-01-20 21:00:00" competition_id="FRA_1" competition_name="Ligue 1" status="finished" round=""/>

Suspensions Feed

  • Charge Type
  • Days Banned
  • Match Obtained
  • Match(es) Suspended

You can check our full documentation right here: https://feeds1.xmlsportsfeeds.net/documentation


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