Our Official Transfer data gives you the most detailed and globally accurate transfer information available on the market. We monitor all official player and club sources, so we can update all official transfers within our coverage as soon as the information becomes available. Our Official Transfer data contains the current club, new club, transfer type, amount and contract period. We recommend clients that want to subscribe to our Official Transfer data to subscribe to our Transfer Rumour data as well, in order to get complete transfer coverage.

This product is very much suitable for football live score apps that want to expand their data coverage, and generate more traffic around the live matches, and for media and football apps that want to give their users daily push notifications with the most recent official transfers, or create a back to back transfer center with a complete list of players transferred to and from each team.

  • Official Transfers
    Official Transfers
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<xml time="1611310082">
    <Transfer id="62505" player_id="JEANPHILIPPE-MATETA" player_name="Jean-Philippe Mateta" player_country_id="FRA" sport_id="soccer" amount="3500000" currency="EUR" type="On loan" date_from="2021-01-21" date_to="2022-06-30" club_from_id="MAINZ-05" club_from_name="Mainz 05" club_to_id="CRYSTAL-PALACE" club_to_name="Crystal Palace" last_update="2021-01-22 01:40:44" competition_id_from="" competition_id_to="" timestamp="1611276044" date_created="2021-01-22 01:40:44" deleted="no" estimated_amount="no"/>

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