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We use cookies from Google Analytics to measure the traffic on the website, to determine who visits the website, and to keep demographic and user-related statistics. The user can opt out of cookies from Google Analytics here:

We collect information about which pages of the website the user visits, how many pages the user visits, how long the user visits the website, which browser the user uses, which country the user is visiting our website from, the user's IP address, whether the user has visited the site before, etc.

XML Sports Feeds may operate as either a Data Controller or Data Processor depending on the circumstances. With respect to the personal data of its clients, XML Sports Feeds generally is a Data Processor and XML Sports Feeds clients are the Data Controller. XML Sports Feeds also operates as a Data Controller with respect to certain of its services and/or databases.

XML Sports Feeds will never share any information with third party without first notifying the clients in order to obtain specific consent. The information is shared internally within XML Sports Feeds, but only to relevant people.

XML Sports Feeds uses a data hosting service provider in Ireland to host the information collected, and uses technical measures to secure the clients data. For more information, see

You always have the rights to 1) Get a copy of what we know about you 2) Correct any incorrect data we store about you 3) Ask us to delete data we store about you 4) Withdraw any consent you might have given 5) Be notified in case we have a security breach

If you have any questions relating to GDPR compliance please contact us at info(at)